Ken’s Idea Board

MV Lake Pro-Am Volleyball Tournament

When I was a teenager my family owned a restaurant we labeled “Fast Italian Food” Most of what I know today was from watching and listening to my Dad who was a genius at driving new business. I feel we the City, The Chamber and Lake Mission Viejo could explore organizing a “Pro Am Beach Volley Ball Tournament” hosted at the Main Beach with TV News coverage local food vendors and even an inflatable water park for young kids. The Pro Celebs will attract a big crowd but each Pro could be paired with exceptional players from our local high schools. Let’s make the City Of Mission Viejo the City to talk about!

Neighborhood Food Truck Meetups

I’d like to return to one of my neighborhood’s Covid tradition. Yes, I said Covid. Throughout the pandemic, one of my neighbors organized a food truck to stop every Friday on his street. His neighbors would stop by with folding chairs and they would enjoy burgers or tacos (maybe a glass of wine) and just chill out for an hour. What if we make this fun, community strengthening concept a Post-Covid tradition as well?

Volunteer Art Classes for Children

As an artist myself – and hopefully the next Mission Viejo City Council member – I’d like to propose recruiting the many talented artists here in the City of Mission Viejo to volunteer at our elementary schools to teach desperately needed art classes. When my boys were in grade school I would volunteer time and go into their classrooms to teach art and also have fun with some draw-along instruction. Art is so important for development, from motor skills to using our imaginations.

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